Friday, June 23, 2006

"THE RUNAWAYS" I call this one. Sometimes running away can be a good or bad, "+" or "-" thing. Running away from a problem(FEAR) is bad, but from monotonous routine, I think it's okay. My lil' bro calls this method of illustrating with shapes "isometrics" but I think the correct term is "POLYGONIC ISOFORMS."


Chris Battle said...

Lots of cool stuff, man! Say hi to the gang at Six Point for me.

Sah's Brain said...

OH yes! I will Mr. Battle! And the gang says Hi back. You should stop by the office more often. It's always cool to have more creative energy here. And ta shoot the sheet!

Eric Bauza said...

I love Sah's cars!!!

One day I will rob a bank, and give Sah some money to make me one of his cartoon cars . . . and then probably die in a car crash because although they may look nice, they might not support my weight???


James Dylan said...

hi Sah.. cool blog.. whats crackin?

Dee C.K. said...

well, well well...if it isn't my pal Sah!! Yey! I found your blog! Woot woot! Great Design! Love the car and the Pickle?? hahaa...nice! linked!

MutantKitten said...

Hello there Sah :)
Lovely, lovely blog you've got here!

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